Blessing of Change

I began volunteering on CCC’s preaching and teaching teams in early 2014. In late 2014, Gary stepped out of the senior minister role due to health concerns. (Gary is now one of our shepherds.) Barry, our youth and worship minister, entered the senior minister role. I started teaching in the youth ministry, in addition to preaching. In May 2015, I joined the staff in a part-time position to lead the youth ministry. In early 2017, I transitioned from youth ministry and preaching to preaching and adult education.

Now I do about half of the preaching. This summer, I get to facilitate a preaching team. I get to continue preaching, and I also get to equip other people to preach. We plan to preach the Psalms this summer. The Book of Psalms provides words of prayer for all occasions, from celebration to lament. Dave Bland of Harding School of Theology is scheduled to serve as a guest resource for our preaching team.

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